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As you walk down the road of life, from time to time you will bump — ! —into difficult situations.

The pathway you take from there will determine how you feel.

Seeing something ahead that feels like it might hurt you will cause anxious feelings to bubble up immediately. Back up to re-focus on the bump. Switch paths then from freezing with regard to what to do to taking the thumb route of problem-solving.

Worrying instead of problem-solving keeps you on the Freeze Route. The further anxiety generated by worrying can block you from thinking about solution options.

As long as your thinking capacities—your abilities to gather information and to generate solution options—stay immobilized, you are likely to continue to feel anxious. And the problem will still be there, unsolved.

Scroll down now to the videos and worksheets below. They show ways to get rid of anxiety by switching to problem-solving mode. With thinking about a problem and seeking solutions, your anxiety is likely to dissipate like fog on a summer morning


While people may label anxious feelings stress, fears, worries, tension or “my nerves,” the feeling of anxiety is an unpleasant one. To escape anxious feelings, it can be tempting to try to distract yourself. In fact, directly addressing the situation that’s stirring up anxiety problems is usually the fastest route to ending the icky feelings.

To learn more, watch the videos below or read more from Dr. Heitler on her blog.

The Hand Map for Getting Rid of Anxiety

From Prescriptions Without Pills by Susan Heitler, PhD

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